Terms of Service for Visual Reality Productions regarding Wedding bookings


Hereafter the parties seeking services under this agreement will be referred to as "The Client" and Visual Reality referred to as VRP.   The word "deposit" relates to your initial payment.



  • 1.1      The client must sign an event video agreement before services are rendered.

  • 1.2     A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date with your videographer.

  • 1.3     If the event is cancelled, the retainer is forfeited only where a new date is not booked.

  • 1.4     If the event location or date is changed, and VRP  is already booked for the new date, the retainer is also                    forfeited.

  • 1.5     If the retainer is paid by cheque, and the cheque is subsequently dishonoured, you will be notified in                          writing, and provided with alternate payment options, to be settled within 7 days. If payment is not                            settled within 7 days, then it will be deemed that no agreement has been entered into until the                                  situation has been resolved and your selected date will be made available to the next client.

  • 1.6     It is the responsibility of the client to secure the permission of the church, synagogue, or other                                  officials including function centres, hair salons etc, to have the ceremony filmed. If filming is                                        prevented on the event date by such officials, services will continue to be rendered under the terms  of this              agreement, as soon as is permitted.

  • 1.7     In the event of rain, where an outdoor location is selected, and there is inadequate shelter from the  rain ,                  limitations on camera angles may occur. Where there is no shelter at all from rain, filming may be impossible            in the interest of protecting our camera equipment. If filming is prevented on the event date by rain , services            will continue to be rendered under the terms of this agreement, as soon as is practicable.

  • 1.8     VRP will take the most care to produce a DVD of the greatest quality. However, we will not be held                              responsible for circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to: power failure; equipment                    malfunction; breakage, destruction, or failure of VRP equipment on the event date;  interference by the client,              or guests of the client, or any other parties either employed or not  employed by the client, at any of the video          shoot locations. If filming is prevented due to any  interference or any of the above mentioned, any monies                paid will not be refundable.

  • 1.9a   VRP makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, in regard to aesthetic qualities of the                                        completed production.

  • 1.9b   We make no guarantee that we will be able to include every person in the video production.

  • 1.10   VRP reserves the right to terminate the agreement for any reason at any time. Should VRP terminate  the                    agreement, all monies paid including the non-refundable $500.00 deposit, will be refunded in  full within 7                days.

  • 1.11    The final production created by VRP is covered by all copyright laws. It is recommended if any additional copies          are required, the client should purchase them from VRP to ensure a high quality completed product.                            VRP reserves the right unless directed otherwise, to use any footage for promotional purposes only.

  • 1.12    The client assumes all liability for any form of copyright infringements.

  • 1.13    It is the client's sole responsibility to inform VRP of any specific needs or changes in events.

  • 1.14    A standard meal and basic soft drinks should be provided at the reception centre for the two camera                            operators.

  • 1.15    In the unlikely event that the completed product displays any faulty workmanship in either materials, or                    editing discrepancies, and is noticed over more than 10% of the completed production, VRP places a 12 month            warranty on the delivered production. We shall decide to re-master the entire event, or supply replacement                copies without charge. VRP does not warrant claims on goods that have been damaged by any impact or                    accidental damage or incorrect use.

  • 1.16    VRP reserves the right to delay production of the movie if the event is filmed with an outstanding balance.

  • 1.17    VRP is to be the only authorised formal video production company at your event. We cannot allow our efforts               to be reduced or interfered with by another crew other than your selected photographic company.


                By this agreement between the client, and VRP, the video producer, it is mutually agreed that VRP shall supply                 the services and goods specified in this agreement, and that the client shall pay the price discussed in                             electronic communications between you and VRP.

               The cost of additional copies of the event or any other incidentals we may have to address in order to film your                wedding such as parking, additional hours when requested, all fall outside the quoted amount.

               A non-refundable retainer of $500.00 is payable at the time of booking. The balance is due two weeks prior to                  the event date.. Your preferred event date is not fully confirmed until we receive the first payment.

               You may expect VRP to provide a high quality, well-presented movie of your event, filmed in the style and                          manner as indicated in the examples of our work that you have been invited to view.

               Any individual aspects or particular requests with regard to your movie should be made prior to you accepting                  agreement.


               Your acceptance of these terms and conditions will be held on the VRP server as your electronic verification                    that you have agreed to the above terms and conditions as set out.