Wedding Cinematography

You and your partner have both put so much time, effort and finances into your wedding day.  Rings, dress.  bridal party attire, flowers, cars,  etc.. yet in years to come the only way you'll have to re-live your special day is through photographs and your wedding film.  


Visual Reality has been making weddings extra special for Perth couples since 1990. What sets us apart is our attention to detail. We discretely use video lights in some churches to give the bridal party natural skin tones. The lights are hidden from the photographer's shots  and often the guests cannot see them.  We respect the wishes of the priest and photographer and if they pose a problem we turn them off.   Likewise our lighting at the reception is second to none.  Occasionally we might shine a blue light discreetly through a window to simulate moonlight in the bride's veil or add a subtle color to the bridal waltz so as not to ruin the mood with white light.

Because we've filmed so many weddings we know what happens during the ceremony, so we never miss an important event like the exchanging of rings or the signing of the register. We are not obtrusive and are always aware of the photographer's shot and the rules of the church.

We use three radio microphones, one on the groom , one on the celebrant and one for the readings.  If there are musicians we will record the sound directly to an audio recorder.


While we pride ourselves on our unsurpassed technical ability, when it comes to making your wedding story truly spectacular, the technical aspects count for about 40% of the result. The remainder depends on your relationship with your videographer. If you're relaxed and feel comfortable with your videographer and photographer they will get better casual shots of you because you trust them. That's why we'll make sure you get to know the person who'll be filming your wedding -- and they'll get to know you -- as much as possible in your own home. You'll be able to discuss any ideas you might have for the video and we'll help you plan things to get the best possible result on the day without disrupting your plans.


Visual Reality has had prior experience in filming weddings of people from many different cultures, and in non-traditional settings. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

No matter what your budget, we'd never compromise on quality -- better the perfect documenting of the ceremony than an unsatisfactory recording of the whole day. We'll work with you to tailor a package that suits your budget and achieves what you want, but as a guide, here's our standard wedding packages:

Package 1


  • Interview with the bride and groom.

  • Arrive at the bride's house at least two hours before the ceremony to film the preparation.

  • Arrive at the church to get shots of the outside of the church, the flowers, the guests arriving and of course film the groomsmen arriving.

  • Two camera coverage of the whole ceremony

  • Accompany the wedding party and the photographer to the photo session. We respect the photographer's schedule and we work well with all of Perth's leading photographers.

  • Two camera coverage of the entire reception from bridal party entrance to the bride and groom leaving. Lighting is used discreetly and is only on during speeches, bridal waltz and garter and bouquet games.

  • Edited "highlights package" of the whole day at the end of the video.

  • Greetings from guests away from noisy backgrounds.

  • Your choice of music (we have an AMCOS license and can use commercial songs for your wedding).

  1. Four complimentary DVDs with fully authored menus and chapters.

  2. A selection of amateur footage shot on the day can be edited and included on the DVD as a separate recording accessible from the menu.


Package 2


All of the above plus an edited highlights video of the whole day including the bridal party entering the reception, played back at the reception on a large screen and given to you the bride and groom on DVD as they leave. This is what is referred to as an SDE or Same Day Edit.


Package Three - 

All of Package Two with two camera coverage of the whole day including the groom's house.

Each of the packages includes an unedited version of the footage on a DVD.

Edited highlights of your wedding video in formats suitable for uploading to a web site or sending by email.
Re-record your vows, and a commentary, in another language. Viewers can then use the menu to select the original sound or the commentary track, exactly like the "director's commentary" on commercial DVDs.
Conditions apply, please contact us for details.

Your wedding is more than just a ceremony -- it's about you. And your video should be, too.

We aim not just to simply record your wedding day but to tell the story of your relationship, with the wedding as the reflection of that story. To achieve that we get to know you so we can create a video which reflects you as well as your wedding.